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Deep Space Gallery is eager to facilitate your full participation in our programming! Please notify us of any accessibility accommodations that would make engaging in our activities more smooth and complete. We ask that accommodation requests are made at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled visit, but we encourage you to please notify us at any time of ways that we can facilitate your enhanced participation in our programming. We welcome community and audience feedback in regards to our Accessibility efforts. Please direct ideas and concerns to our ADA & Accessibility Coordinator (listed below), but of course please share feedback with any Deep Space Gallery staff when on site or if engaging with us. We are open to your ideas!


Our ADA & Accessibility Coordinator is Keith VanPelt. He can be reached at any time at (732) 261-3419 and at Please use the phrase "ATTENTION: ACCESSIBILITY" in the subject line of emails.

Co-owner Jenna Geiger is our appointed Access Doula and she is available at all public facing events to assist guests individually as needed. She employs her background in nursing to best serve visitors with unique needs.


**Accommodations for diverse ability needs can be made upon request with at least two weeks advance notice of your scheduled visit.**

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